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Sir Nigel graciously accepted the position of Honorary Patron of Salmac Productions in September of 1997. Through his encouragement and belief in our company's ideals, goals and work during the four years we had the privilege of his support, we had the honour of enjoying a Patron of enormous talent and dedication, which continued until his passing in December 2001.

An extraordinarily gifted actor with a large body of work to his credit, Nigel became a household name through his BAFTA award-winning portrayal of the self-interested, scheming civil servant "Sir Humphrey Appleby" in the TV series' Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, both of which were shown around the globe. He later went on to win film success with his performance in the title role of The Madness of King George, which earned him another BAFTA award and an Oscar nomination.

A beautiful stage actor, Nigel's theatre credits span five decades and dozens of roles. As a result of his encouragement, our theatre arm, Incognita Enterprises came to life just after his passing, and is committed to producing work that does justice to his memory in the medium he truly loved.

Nigel's advice, support, generosity and kindness formed the foundation for our company's work, ethics and aspirations. He was an invaluable ally, and we are grateful and humbled to have had his stamp of approval.

His name continues to be listed as Honorary Patron, out of respect for his great capacity to care for, encourage and support others in the acting and filmmaking industries, of which we were but one group of many individuals.

A shining example to all as an actor and a man, he will be sadly missed, but his memory will live on in our work and our thoughts, and in the many roles he played so beautifully.

This production of Chasing Pegasus (a play in ten chords) is dedicated with love and gratitude to Sir Nigel's memory as a small token of appreciation for his personal and irreplaceable support of Creative Director, Sally McLean.

We shall never see his like again.



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