Nathan Strauss: Sound Operator (Melbourne)

Nathan is first and foremost and actor, and a graduate of the respected National Theatre Drama School, Melbourne.

His theatre credits include lead roles in Anhedonia, Protest, Cloud 9, The Seagull, Mr Bleak and the Etryop, Maid of Charon, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Dumb Waiter, Don Juan and Man of Steel, staged at various high-profile Melbourne theatre venues such as the Victorian Arts Centre, Carlton Courthouse, Gasworks, Trades Hall, Cromwell Road and The National Theatre.

Film credits include roles in Red Glove Girl, Kassie & Bryan, Socktopia, Little Prick, Boardwalk, Transient Sky, From the Sea and Black Widow.

Nathan very kindly stepped in to take the job of Sound Operator for our Melbourne season, after our Technical Director had a film gig overlap with our season, and we are eternally grateful for his being willing, professional and becoming so much a part of the team. Thank you Nathan!