Black Book – “M” Magazine

The Sunday Age
October 1, 2006

The former face of Channel Ten’s evening news, Jennifer Hansen, is warming up to tread the boards in the Fringe Festival’s Chasing Pegasus (a Play in Ten Chords). But there’s always time for an ’80s night or a day at the races.

Where do you go for fun?
With the kids, I’d say ice-skating with my daughter, or down to the park with our new puppy. But, if it was me, then it would probably be an ’80s night at Boutique. I’m getting on that borderline age for going to clubs, but I’d probably do that once a month.

Where do you chill out?
At home with my husband (Neighbours actor Alan Fletcher), a video and a bottle of red. He prefers more the arthouse- style movies. I like quirky movies, but I also like your girly romances. One of my favourites is Pride and Prejudice. And The Notebook.

What’s your local hang-out?
We are often down at Riva on the St Kilda Marina, and now the hot weather is coming up, nothing beats sitting on that deck and looking out on the boats.

What’s your favourite shop?
I’ve been spending a bit of time in Chadstone lately. My daughter loves going there. It’s a mother-daughter thing we do. And then also Scanlan & Theodore on Chapel Street.

Where would you take someone to dinner?
The last place I took someone was JJ’s Bar and Grill at Crown Casino. I’m not big on the seriously posh, expensive restaurants. JJ’s has an element of class, but it’s also got a fun vibe because it’s got a piano bar.

What’s the best place to buy gifts?
For girly stuff: Mimco (there’s a new shop in Church Street, Brighton). And also Dzign in Brighton for homewares and decorative objets d’art. I’ve bought the modern-shaped leather cases that hold watches and cuff-links, which I think is a good idea because boys often just scatter their stuff in a drawer. That’s good to get them organised.

What’s the best place to take tourists?
I would say the Grampians. You can take your kids there and they absolutely love it. We’ve had as much fun there as we have at Movie World, and they can run riot the whole day chasing (along) these bush tracks and discovering these things like waterfalls, and it’s all free.

What’s the best time of year in Melbourne?
I love the spring weather. I love Derby Day. That was one of the first dates Alan and I went on, in 1986. I took this very carefully packed picnic basket, but he hardly liked any of the food I packed. After Derby Day, we went to dinner and then a movie and then a club. It was one of those long dates you didn’t want to end.