Neighbours Stars Take to the Stage
5 October, 2006

It started with Blair McDonough (Stu Parker) heading over to London to star in the West End version aussie comedy The Vegemite Tales. Then he handed the baton over to pal Patrick Harvey (Connor O’Neill) who’s currently filling in for Blair while he shows off his soccer skills in UK reality show The Match. And so the deluge of Neighbours stars taking to the theatre begins.

Current cast members Dan O’Connor (Ned Parker) and Ben Nicholas (Stingray Timmins) are all set to head over to the UK for panto season. Dan will be playing Prince Charming in Cinderella at His Majesty’s Theatre Aberdeen. Ben will be playing Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.

Back home in Melbourne, the trend continues. Bridget Neval, who played Lana Crawford, Neighbours‘ first openly gay character, is appearing in a play entitled Chasing Pegasus: A Play in Ten Chords. The show is part of the city’s annual fringe festival

Just to make sure Bridget feels at home, there’s a further Neighbours connection: one of Bridget’s co-stars is former Channel 10 newsreader Jennifer Hansen who, in real life, is married to Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy).

The show is about the diverse members of the Serendipity Book Club who meet to discuss the latest bestseller “Chasing Pegasus”. Critics have already raved about the play, describing it as “a ‘slice of life’ insight into what makes us as human beings tick”. Sounds like Neighbours, really. Only without Robert Robinson trying to kill everyone.

It’s running at the Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park until the 7th October, so make sure you don’t miss out.

For more information, not to mention some lovely pictures of Bridget and Jen, you can go to the Chasing Pegasus website.