Chasing Pegasus – A Play In Ten Chords
(review of published play)

The premise of Chasing Pegasus (a play in ten chords) is very simple – ten people at a book club meeting – yet the simplicity of the set up is deceptive. What emerges from this work is an insight into the human condition, taken from ten different viewpoints, cleverly woven together using both dialogue and monologue in an engaging and insightful way that keeps you reading until the end. Recommended for drama schools, college productions and high schools, this debut work from actor/writer Sally McLean effectively draws you into each character’s world and holds you there with empathy and insight and a dash of humour. Very useful for actors (particularly actresses, who have eight monologues to choose from) looking for new monologues for auditions or showcases, this edition comes with detailed character breakdowns, biographies of the original Australian cast, photos from the original production, set design notes and more. Easily adapted for other countries (the author has made sure it can be performed as widely as possible, for which she should be applauded), this play is one that I will most certainly be keeping in my collection. Recommended for actors, directors and those who have an interest in theatre generally.